Continuous Waste Plastics</br>Pyrolysis Equipment

Continuous Waste Plastics
Pyrolysis Equipment

Continuous Waste Tires</br>Pyrolysis Equipment

Continuous Waste Tires
Pyrolysis Equipment

Continuous Municipal Solid</br>Waste pyrolysis Equipment

Continuous Municipal Solid
Waste pyrolysis Equipment

Carbon Black Refining Equipment</br>      

Carbon Black Refining Equipment

The advantage of our Pyrolysis Machine:

  1. The world's first unique continuous model pyrolysis technology.
  2. Safe and stable operation for more than ten years.
  3. The emission can reach European and American international standards.
  4. Large processing capacity, 10000-100000 tons / year waste tire, which can meet continuous industrial production.
  5. Advanced carbon black refining technology to solve the problem of carbon black recycling.